Kylie Rae Shares Career Outlook For After Her Pregnancy

A couple months ago, popular indie wrestler Kylie Rae announced she was pregnant, with Rae and her partner, fellow indie wrestler Isias Velasquez, expecting the baby in October. Recently, on "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast," she shared her plans for her wrestling career after she gives birth, including her planned comeback timeline.


"This is my first time giving birth, so I think I was a little naive shooting for two months' recovery time," Rae explained. "I'm hearing it's more like six months. I know I still want to wrestle. I still go to training [at the Freelance Wrestling Academy] at least once a week and get in and do the warm-ups and the drills I'm able to do. I don't necessarily do any spots or drills with other people. That's because accidents can happen, God forbid, something horrible happens, so I definitely limit what I'm able to do. And that'll probably decrease even more once my belly's out to here and I can't do a forward roll anymore. I believe in training consistently, because I think that if you don't use it, you lose it, no matter how long you've been doing anything. So I'm trying to not lose too much in pregnancy if that makes sense."


Rae also reiterated in more explicit terms that while she initially planned to return in January 2024, she has since realized that's not realistic, she's currently aiming for next April. She had been working a limited schedule before getting pregnant, generally wrestling a couple of times a month since returning from a string of mental health sabbaticals in 2021.