Trish Stratus On Preparing For Her First Ladder Match At WWE Money In The Bank 2023

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has had nothing short of a legendary career, but due to the era in which she wrestled, she's never won the Money in the Bank briefcase. That could change Saturday, as Stratus competes in the ladder match alongside five other women.

MITB is uncharted territory for Stratus, but when speaking with Cathy Kelley on WWE's "The Bump" alongside Zoey Stark, Stratus said the two have been preparing for her first-ever ladder match. Stratus said that "back in the day," women didn't have opportunities to compete in ladder matches, and she's excited to be part of this one. She said it's "big time" for her to get in the ring with the other women.

"I'm excited for this opportunity, of course, the outcome. Getting the contract and possibly becoming women's champion is very exciting. I haven't been women's champion in a few years, quite a few years," Stratus admitted.

Preparations have been easy for both Stratus and Stark, according to the Hall of Famer. Stratus said they've been practicing with the match's main component.

"I stay ready. That's what we talk about," Stratus said. "This opportunity is big. It's a chance for us to show what we can do together, as well. We have some strategies, Stratus-gies, and we're just excited, honestly, just preparing, just doing stuff with ladders, basically."

Stratus wouldn't divulge exactly what the pair have been doing with ladders in practice, but it will be on display today as they take on Zelina Vega, Bayley, IYO SKY and Becky Lynch. It would be the first Money in the Bank win for not just Stratus, but Stark, as well.

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