Zoey Stark On Working With Trish Stratus In Her First WWE Ladder Match

Former "WWE NXT" star Zoey Stark has made quite the impression following her debut on the main roster in May alongside Trish Stratus, and now she's set to compete alongside the legend in Stratus' first-ever ladder match at the Money In The Bank premium live event this weekend in London.

Stark recently spoke with "WWE Deutschland's" Sebastian Hack about ladder matches being a sort of cornerstone in her own career in "NXT," and how she has actually been the one helping Stratus before they both compete for the Money In The Bank briefcase.

"She's helping me out in everything else. This is Trish's first ladder match. She's never been in a ladder match ever. So really, I'm helping her out in this," Stark told Hack.

Stark also said it's been "everything" to work with Stratus since being called up to the main roster in the WWE Draft.

"It really means everything, because ... there's a rocket strapped to me right now, you know?" she said. "So being by Trish Stratus, I literally get to sit there and pick her brain and figure out what's the next step and she's helping me along the way. I don't think there really is a better person to kind of learn under."

Stark: 'Everything in my life has changed'

Stark's life and schedule are looking very different since joining the main roster. She calls it a "whole different ball game," and it's one with a learning curve, so she's glad to have Stratus by her side.

"Man, everything in my life has changed since the draft. You know, you're definitely traveling a lot more," she said. "You're way more busy on main roster than you are at 'NXT.' 'NXT,' you do kind of have the pleasure of staying home and doing shows at the Performance Center, getting to train. On main roster, you're traveling. You're on the road pretty much 24/7. So that's really the biggest difference."

The trip to London for the premium live event will be only the second time Stark has traveled out of the United States, other than to Saudi Arabia for Night of Champions in her debut to help out Stratus against Becky Lynch.

"I'm super excited," Stark said. "I've never been to London. So I'm really excited to go there and check things out and perform there. Really excited."

Zoey Stark and Trish Stratus will vie for the Money In The Bank briefcase against Damage CTRL's IYO SKY and Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Zelina Vega this Saturday.

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