Zoey Stark Knows That She Can Hang With WWE's Finest

Zoey Stark might be new to WWE's main roster, but she has no shortage of confidence regarding her new opportunity. 

In a recent conversation with "Bleav In Pro Wrestling," Stark said that she felt like she belongs on the main roster with the talent that is on there. She admitted that the WWE Draft was an emotional night, but she also had a feeling it would be her time, and that was the case as she was called up to "WWE Raw."


"I feel like I am one of the top performers that can really be in WWE," she said. "I felt amazing and it was a very tearful and enjoyable night."

Stark has quickly become an important part of the show by aligning herself with Trish Stratus as part of the ongoing feud between the WWE Hall of Famer and Becky Lynch. It's a huge opportunity for her, and she believes if someone told her that she'd be working with those two during her time in "WWE NXT" she would've thought that they were out of their mind. 

"Hunter [Triple H] put me in this position because he knows I can handle it and hang with those two girls and I think I am proving myself right now," she said. 

The partnership kickstarted at WWE's Night Of Champions when she appeared from underneath the ring to attack Lynch and that was a time when she admitted to learning a lot about herself ahead of the biggest moment of her career. 


"I can't fall short, this is it, it's my one opportunity," Stark thought. "I get one shot to prove to the world that I belong in the ring with those two, with a Hall of Famer and a future Hall of Famer, I couldn't ask for a better position.