Zoey Stark Wrestlers First Match As Member Of WWE Raw Roster

Former "WWE NXT" standout Zoey Stark made her dominant main roster debut on this week's "WWE Raw," defeating Nikki Cross in a match that lasted less than three minutes.

Stark showed off her physical prowess during the match, throwing Cross around the ring and countering her every move. Towards the end, Cross attempted a tornado DDT only to be caught mid-air by Stark, who proceeded to hit her Z360 finishing maneuver for the pinfall victory.  

Earlier in the night, Stark ran into Cross in the backstage area as she declared her intentions to dominate the "Raw" women's division.

"I'm amazing at what I do," Stark told Byron Saxton. "I have nothing but complete confidence in my ability. These other women ..."

At this point, Stark walked over to Cross and mocked the former "Raw" Women's Champion for being a weirdo. "This is why I'm going to succeed," Stark stressed. "There's nothing but weirdos like her [Cross] here." The segment set up Stark's "Raw" debut against Cross, which, as noted, she walked away from with a victory.

The backstage promo and match seemed to suggest that WWE's creative team has big plans for Stark going forward. Fans on social media believe Stark is best suited to portray a bully character, something she showed signs of during her rivalry against Nikkita Lyons on the "NXT" brand. As such, fans could witness Stark bullying more members of the "Raw" women's division in the coming weeks. 

Stark has impressed wrestling veterans since signing with WWE in 2021. Most recently, Mark Henry earmarked Stark as a future champion, comparing her to all-time greats such as Jazz, Bret Hart, and the Iron Sheik for her "no-nonsense approach" and ability to get physical in the ring.