Triple H Announces Money In The Bank As Highest Grossing Arena Event In WWE History

WWE's Money in the Bank premium live event saw a lively London crowd, and the numbers more than match up to the excitement within the arena. During the post-show press conference, WWE CCO Paul "Triple H" Levesque revealed two staggering achievements met by Money in the Bank as well as Friday's "WWE SmackDown."

"Tonight was the highest-grossing arena event in the history of WWE. Let that sink in for a moment. In the history of WWE. It's a pretty long history. Highest grossing arena event in its history. Last night was the highest-grossing 'SmackDown' in WWE history," Levesque said, "Those are two pretty bold statements that everybody here should be very proud of, and I know we're very proud of. [...] More than 37,000 fans over the last two nights just here in the O2 alone."

The impressive achievements of both the highest-grossing arena event and the highest-grossing "SmackDown" being reached in just two days comes less than six months after WWE broke their record for their all-time highest-grossing event with WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles. The runaway success of Money in the Bank, as well as WWE's previous three international premium live events, led Levesque to speak on the global future of WWE.

"If you look at this year alone, four in the last five premium live events that we have done, have been in international destinations. You can look back in the years prior to that, skip the COVID one, look into the years prior to that. It's not really been a common occurrence," he said, "Montreal, sold out, record sales. Puerto Rico, sold out, record sales. Saudi, sold out, record sales. London, here, sold out, record sales. Bodes well for international. We are a global company. We intend to be a global company. We intend to be global."