Bully Ray Explains How Tony Khan Should Use Eddie Kingston In AEW

Bully Ray had nothing but praise for Eddie Kingston following AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door. The veteran called on Tony Khan to recognize the star on his hands and listen to the fans during "Busted Open Radio". 

"I hope in between producing the show [Forbidden Door] last night and scrolling through social media that Tony took the time to take the headphones off and listen to the people when it came to Eddie Kingston. You had a boatload of talent out there last night, but 15,000 people were chanting for Eddie Kingston during that match. Eddie Kingston is your star, Tony Khan," Bully started. He opined that while Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho are your pro wrestlers and your sports entertainers, Eddie Kingston is your credible guy – your Dusty Rhodes or Terry Funk. 

"I believe he genuinely doesn't like Claudio [Castagnoli]. I believe he is genuinely conflicted when it comes to [Jon] Moxley. I believe that he doesn't even want to share the same oxygen as Nick and Matt Jackson. This guy has me emotionally invested at all times. So Tony Khan, please start utilizing Eddie Kingston more."

Moving on to the best way of using Kingston, Bully explained that AEW needs heels that can truly stick it to the babyface, someone that is ready to corner Kingston and take him to a dark mental place. But he doesn't feel AEW has "super heels" like that, not even Jon Moxley or MJF, as he dismissed Moxley's status as a heel altogether and believes MJF to be too witty for the role opposite Kingston. 

"You want somebody to stand across from Eddie Kingston and the people go, 'whoa, didn't expect this. Didn't expect this person to start breathing down Eddie's neck. Can't believe that this person is saying these things', and then follow it up with physicality. Follow it up with physicality where Eddie has to stay down because he can't physically get up on his broken ankles."