Konnan Speculates That AEW Star Privately Signed Longer-Term Deal With Tony Khan

Konnan has expressed his belief that MJF has secretly signed a long-term extension with AEW. The topic of discussion arose during the "Keepin' it 100" podcast, and the veteran explained why he feels the 'Bidding War of 2024' may already have been won. 

"I'm going to assume that privately he has signed a longer deal with Tony. I can't imagine Tony would let him go out there, saying stuff like that, and if he has then he will never ever live it down. I cannot believe in any shape or form, because Tony's not dumb, that he would let him be going out there if there is a chance he is leaving," Konnan started, agreeing with his co-host Disco Inferno. Inferno had said that it would be a safe bet that he had signed. However, he conceded that he struggles to distinguish reality from fiction based on what he's seen from the company. 

MJF has long touted the supposed 'Bidding War of 2024', referencing the end of his present AEW deal and the subsequent battle they would have on their hands to keep him. It's been a way for the current AEW World Champion to allude to a future WWE move on weekly TV. But Konnan looks at the other liberties he has been afforded by Tony Khan as a signal that he will be 'All-Elite' for some time to come. 

"Bro, they've given the keys to the car to him. He's got long promo segments, long matches, he does and says what he wants. He's the man there."