The Usos Comment On Potentially Feuding In WWE

The real-life brothers of Jimmy and Jey Uso remain one of the rare WWE tag teams to never suffer a breakup. Even after Jimmy turned on "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns at Night of Champions, Jey ultimately chose to side with his twin brother and leave The Bloodline. While it's now been made clear that Jey's allegiances lie with Jimmy, those three weeks of uncertainty prompted many wrestling fans to ask this question — could The Usos ever feud with each other?

During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani of "BT Sport," The Usos attempted to answer that question. Though no one in WWE has pitched the idea to them, Jimmy revealed that he and Jey are in constant talks about the possibility of wrestling against each other.

"Before our career is done, man. That's me and his go-to [match]. That's my number one dream of happening, me vs. him at a WrestleMania," Jey said.

When envisioning the potential matchup, Jey sees it as a call-back to their childhood. "It's like back in the living room, Uce. From day one, again, this is what we always wanted to do. I want my dad [Rikishi] to be in there and be involved, [as] a referee, I just want my whole family to run this thing," he said. "Just me being against my brother, my heart will be filled with joy, man."

Jimmy then mentioned that while The Usos aren't immersed in acting classes, their familial bond creates a natural sense of comfort, which would easily allow them to execute an emotional storyline like that.

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