Jey Uso Superkicks Roman Reigns, Leaves The Bloodline On WWE SmackDown

Friday night on "WWE SmackDown," Roman Reigns finally got an answer from his cousin Jey Uso. Unfortunately for "The Tribal Chief," it came in the form of a superkick straight to his face.

Throughout the evening, Reigns tasked his "Wiseman" Paul Heyman with convincing Jey to "fall in line." That took the shape of several apologies, with repeated claims that Jey's twin brother Jimmy was to blame for Jey losing his United States Championship match against Austin Theory on last week's "SmackDown." Heyman also reminded him that Jimmy meant to kick Reigns at Night of Champions, and Heyman claimed that Jimmy meant to kick Jey last week.

All the while, Jey Uso didn't waver. And in the moments leading up to his ultimate decision, he was even greeted by a familiar face in Sami Zayn, who this time only needed to give a nod.

Yet by the time Jey Uso made his way to the ring to confront The Bloodline, Reigns was willing and ready to throw Jimmy under the bus once more. And when it was revealed that Jimmy really did reject the idea of his brother becoming the next "Tribal Chief," Jey finally looked ready to break from his brother completely. But as we've seen over and over again, Jey would never turn his back on his brother.

"So guess what? You out!" Jey said to Jimmy. "And I'm out too," Jey declared before kicking Reigns in the face.

Then The Usos, together, superkicked their brother Solo Sikoa as well before taking down Reigns once again. For nearly three years, they have helped their cousin achieve unprecedented success in the modern era of professional wrestling. But on Friday night, The Bloodline as we once know it came to an emphatic end.