Big E Reflects On Winning WWE Money In The Bank Briefcase In 2021

Big E has been off WWE television for over a year now due to his nasty injury, but fans still haven't forgotten his big Money in the Bank moment, and subsequent cash-in, from 2021. On the "After the Bell" podcast, Big E reflected on that historic win and what it meant for his career.

"Man, it was massive. Really, really just one of the most special things that I've ever done in my career. Obviously, I really cut my teeth as a tag team wrestler, as a member of a faction for a long time, and I think when you're in a group so long [...] the three of us were so used to doing everything for the group, and it was always about that," he said. "So this was a departure from that. I was really happy with my career in many ways and all the things that we had done as a collective, but I also got to a point where I felt like I could give more and I wanted to do more, and it was time for a change."

The New Day star's transition back to singles wrestling from tag team action and push to the world title came after he won a different title in 2020, following which the fans demanded WWE give him opportunities at the top of the card.

Intercontinental Championship and Apollo Crews

Big E's big singles push started when he was separated from The New Day in the 2020 WWE draft, with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods going to "WWE Raw" and Big E staying on "WWE SmackDown." The first step in Big E's time as a singles star was his time with the Intercontinental Championship.

"We had the IC title stuff with Sami [Zayn] and then with Apollo [Crews] for a while, maybe a little bit too long. Apollo and I were back and forth for four months, but that is not at all an indictment of Apollo, I think he's so amazingly talented," Big E said. "And there are times where we thought things would go a certain way with our rivalry, and maybe it didn't conclude when we thought it would. But I would say that dude is so incredibly talented that if you're going to be in a program for too long with someone, you want it to be with someone of that caliber, who is just incredible at what they do."

Money in the Bank Fears

The triumphant moment for Big E came at the 2021 Money in the Bank Premium Live Event when he won the titular briefcase. However, Big E had a concern during the end of the match that may seem trivial compared to his achievement.

"I think about that moment, I've replayed it so many times, but it's a special, special moment. And the biggest thing too is, I'm not very comfortable with heights. And getting up there, I just wanted to make sure to not look stupid, to not take too long with opening up the little [carabiner]," he said. "I was just so happy, I had a slight struggle and for a second I said, 'Dear God, let this be the only one.' [...] Of all the things I was worried about, it wasn't the bumps, it wasn't anything else, the biggest worry was, 'Don't fumble with this carabiner. Don't do it.'"

The New Day star held the world title until January before losing to Brock Lesnar at the Day 1 Premium Live Event.