AEW's Matt Hardy To Jim Cornette: 'I Used To Have Massive Respect For You'

For the last several days, AEW star Matt Hardy has been engaged in something of a war of words with podcast host Jim Cornette, his co-host, and some of Cornette's fans. The often-inflammatory Cornette has a long history in the wrestling business, and Hardy stated this morning that he's lost all respect he once had for the former ringside manager (via Twitter).


"You're definitely an ex-great," Hardy wrote. "I used to have massive respect for you, but that's been long gone. That's the case with many people now [and] it's sad. This is my final tweet to you. ... Keep doing your shock jock routines [and] fanning those toxic flames of hate [and] negativity for your zombies to slurp up. Make those bucks however you can though, right? Enjoy your life, Jim, I'll certainly enjoy mine."

The current exchange between Hardy and Cornette originated on Saturday with Hardy praising the Young Bucks and "Hangman" Adam Page while calling Cornette's fanbase "toxic." Cornette replied to Hardy by accusing the AEW star of "selling [his soul] for Adderall" and lying in order to preserve his job. In response, Hardy stated he was telling the truth and sticking by his friends, but the back-and-forth has continued since, with Cornette's co-host Brian Last getting involved as well.


Cornette has long been an outspoken critic of the Young Bucks and AEW at large. AEW President Tony Khan once praised Cornette's work in wrestling, stating that Cornette was allowed to have his own opinions and pointing out that Cornette has complimented the company when he's seen something he liked, such as the debut of CM Punk.