Becky Lynch Explains Her Approach To WWE Creative

Becky Lynch has opened up on the creative process in WWE. The Man described what she felt was a good level of input to Cosmopolitan UK, going further to outline how her approach has had to change over time. 

"I think in recent months I've changed my outlook on how I approach my creative process. I think I used to get hung on my ideas and I want my ideas to go exactly my way and if they didn't go my way I would be in a bad mood all day," Lynch laughed. "I'd let everybody know about it and I'd fight, I'd fight, and I'd fight and then if it didn't go my way then I'd still be fighting all the way until I came back through the curtain." 

Lynch had previously discussed picking her battles when it came to what she deemed bad creative. She echoed that sentiment once more, saying she had to change her approach as it had consumed too much energy. Now, she takes whatever she is given and looks to make the best of it.  

"I will take whatever creative is given to me and I will say, 'Okay well whether I like this or not, can we change this? Okay we can't, great. How do I make this the best it can possibly be?' So that's my creative process now, kind of giving in to- it's not my company, it's not my sandbox. My job is to make it as good as possible and get the fans and the people to care as much as possible."