Renee Paquette Describes Connection & Relationship With Jon Moxley

Renee Paquette was admittedly "somewhat of a serial monogamist" for years before she began dating Jon Moxley, and in a recent interview with "Wilde On," she expounded on why her love life pre-Moxley helped shape her perspective on an ideal life partner.  "I had boyfriends before, and not to make it sound like I've had these great experiences, but like, I was really lucky [that] I didn't have any ex-boyfriends that I would talk s–t on," Paquette explained. "They were all good guys, they all brought something different to the table, but, unfortunately for them, when I was dating them, it was never the thing — Jon is of course the thing."

Paquette pointed to the fact that she and Moxley were a pair of 28-year-olds when they met in WWE, and their instant connection and chemistry happened despite their contrasting backgrounds. "I can't say everything went slow motion, and like, you know 'Endless Love' started playing or something in the background," she recalled. "I don't know ... there was just this connection with him that, he's like my buddy, and we're still like that. I love spending time with him, I love watching the way he moves and operates, not that it doesn't drive me f—ing crazy sometimes..."

Paquette reiterated that she and Moxley "met at a really good time in our lives" and credited the same for their relationship taking off.  "As soon as we were together, we were together. There was never a song or dance."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Wilde On" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.