Former WCW Wrestler Brad 'Lodi' Cain Suffered Heart Attack After Recent Match

While there were certainly notable members of the cult WCW stable The Flock, including its leader, Raven, Stevie Richards, Billy Kidman, Chris Kanyon, and Perry Saturn, a strong argument could be made that the most colorful member of the group was Brad Cain, better known as Lodi. Known for carrying signs to the ring and for being the most loyal of Raven's numerous lackeys, Lodi was a staple of The Flock during its brief, but eventful run, and even found success, and controversy, afterward, teaming with fellow lower card wrestler Lenny Lane.

Long after those glory days of the '90s, Lodi has continued to wrestle, something that recently nearly led to tragedy. As documented by "Queen City News," Lodi suffered a heart attack a month ago, following a match against Deadlock Pro standout Lucky Ali. Despite knowing something was wrong, Lodi admitted he didn't ask for help initially, instead driving himself to a nearby hospital. During the drive, which he says took 52 minutes, one thought kept going through Lodi's mind.

"I'm like 'God, just don't let me hurt anyone because we all know how Macho Man Randy Savage died,'" Lodi recalled. "I was doubled over and driving one hand and trying to keep my eyes on the road." Upon arriving at the hospital, Lodi learned that two of his arteries were 100% blocked and a third, commonly known as the Widow Maker, was 90% blocked. As such, he had no choice but to undergo a five-hour quintuple bypass surgery, which ultimately saved his life. Despite the scare, the 52-year-old is determined to continue on with his wrestling career. "I know God was with me through all of this," Lodi said. "I'm going to rehab and work on getting me better."