WWE SVP Road Dogg Reveals His Favorite Wrestling Match Of 2023, So Far

Many have praised the storytelling involved in the Bloodline Civil War. On the latest episode of "Oh...You Didn't Know," WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events Brian "Road Dogg" James said he believes that the four wrestlers at the heart of the story, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa, and Roman Reigns have put on the greatest match of the year so far.

"I gotta say The Usos versus Roman [Reigns] and Solo [Sikoa]," James said when asked about his favorite matches of 2023 so far. "It was. To me, it's the best story. It's the best build to that story ... I'm just all invested emotionally into that story."

The former WWE Hardcore Champion believes that Jey Uso being the first man to pin Roman Reigns since 2019 sets up some interesting possibilities for the future.

"I think they paid it off in a big way," James gushed, explaining that he hasn't been as emotionally invested in any match this year as he was during the Money In The Bank main event.

James said he is not a fan of the style that critical darlings like Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay utilize, crediting his Memphis showboating roots as his reason for preferring the more emotion-based storytelling. The Bloodline Civil War match also had a personal significance for James, who used to wrestle with his family the way Reigns, Sikoa, and The Usos are currently.

"They're in there with their brothers and their cousins ... and I can't help but feel that."

According to James, he lived vicariously through the match, saying he wished he could wrestle his brothers on such a big stage.

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