Video: See WWE Star John Cena As Mermaid Ken In Upcoming Barbie Movie

John Cena's acting profile continues to grow with every new release he's part of. Earlier this year, he had a prominent supporting role in "Fast X," but his next project is something completely different. The multi-time World Champion will portray a mermaid version of Ken in Greta Gerwig's "Barbie," and fans can now catch a glimpse of Cena in his costume.

The video, courtesy of iHollywoodTV, shows Cena wearing a blonde wig and a blue seashell necklace. His appearance begins around the 18.52 mark, where also shares his thoughts on the movie.

During the conversation with iHollywoodTV, Cena explained why he wanted to star in this movie. "Barbie" isn't the type of flick that people normally associate with professional wrestlers, but Cena was attracted to Greta Gerwig's film as he believes it will strike a chord with all audiences.

"I was blown away with the concept. I think it's going to be a movie that all audiences enjoy. I think it's going to be a movie that evokes conversation," Cena said. "And I think it's going to be beautifully, visually appealing and I think the ideas behind it — I think the audience will walk away with a mixed bag of opinions, which I think is the greatest form of entertainment; when you have, like, one universal feel about a project, it's not that it's bad, but I think when people can get into fiery debate about something, I think that that's good. I like that versatility, I guess."

Cena agreed to the "Barbie" casting after paying for Margot Robbie's meal in London. The wrestler-turned-actor was filming "Fast X" at the time, and he just so happened to be across the street from where the "Barbie" production was set.