Hulk Hogan Came Up With Idea For Paul Wight To Be Andre The Giant's Son In WCW

Paul Wight, more popularly known as the Big Show, is one of the most recognizable giants in professional wrestling eclipsed only by the likes of Andre the Giant. As a matter of fact, Wight debuted in WCW as Andre's son in storyline. 


On a recent episode of "83 Weeks," Eric Bischoff recalled how Hulk Hogan discovered Wight and brought him to WCW.

"Hulk was the one that really brought Paul in. I can't remember the details of how they came together, I think Hulk was at a charity basketball game in Chicago, and Paul was playing on that game," he said. "Hogan caught sight of Paul and thought Paul was interested in wrestling. I don't know enough of the details to even sketch it out, but at the end of that conversation it was Hulk Hogan who said, 'Hey you got to see what I found.' Hulk was so excited about Paul White."

Bringing Wight into WCW would involve him being billed as simply "The Giant," and branded as the son of Andre. Bischoff went on to discuss the mentality that would've led Hogan to pitch Wight as Andre's son.


"Hulk or anybody else that's been successful is going to go with what they know. What's worked for me in the past? How do I recreate that? Make it feel a little different, but do something that I believe the audience is going to respond to based on my experience in the past. Which is not a bad way to make a decision, generally," he said. "Hulk wanted him to be the son of Andre, or whatever he was. That was all Hulk, so there was no discussion of maybe we should make him something else. That never happened."