AEW's Matt Hardy On The Pros & Cons Of Social Media

Matt Hardy has remained a top star for several decades. However, his career was rejuvenated in a big way with the emergence of his break-out "Broken" character in TNA. The new persona wound up going viral on social media, thanks to wrestling fans. As a result of leveraging social media to his benefit, Hardy has a pretty solid grasp on the pros and cons of its usage, which he shared during a recent appearance on "Busted Open Radio."


"I have said this for a long time. Social media is the best thing ever to happen and social media is the worst thing to ever happen," Hardy explained. "When you are on social media, it gives guys that are hungry and driven a great platform to promote themselves, to promote their business, to promote their projects — whatever it may be. But it also allows people to come on social media without accountability and without responsibility. And they can insult people and troll people."

Hardy recently encountered some toxicity at the hands of Jim Cornette and his fans on social media, but Hardy does his best to not let it affect him.. "Just because there are a group of people that may follow someone who is an antiquated relic in terms of his opinions — if they came at me and insult me that doesn't bother me at all," said Hardy. "Matter of fact, it is kind of like a badge of honor because I am picking up attention in some capacity". Hardy has realized the best response is not to waste energy arguing or trying to change opinions.


Hardy also recognizes social media isn't going anywhere, and he pushed that to thrive in society you needed to embrace technology and adapt to societal changes. "Social media is a magical thing. It is a monster. It is so powerful," said Hardy. "I just hope people try hard to be very responsible and use it for good."