Mark Henry Recalls Uncomfortable Fan Interactions In Wake Of Don Callis AAA Attack

The recent fan attack on Don Callis has led to renewed discussions about performer safety in professional wrestling. On the latest "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry said that for wrestlers that are physical anomalies like him, the uncomfortable fan interactions aren't confined to performances in the ring.

"Guys, you know how I feel about people touching you. It happens to me every day," Henry said. "If I leave my house, I know that somebody is gonna touch me inappropriately, when I say [that] I don't mean funny style. I've had people jump on my back piggyback style, I've had people slap me so hard that it felt like they were trying to start a fight with me. I have people poking me, touching my stomach. You're a grown a** man, you gonna put your hand on another man's stomach that you've never met before, that's not your significant other? Keep your hands to yourself." 

Henry says that while annoying, he can usually handle the uncomfortable moments with a sense of poise and rationality.

"But an attack!?" Henry exclaimed. "Like, that's when the law should be able to step in because look at the flip side of that coin. Say I get slapped and then slap the sh*t back out of 'em, or I punch 'em." 

The AEW star went on to explain a situation he was in where a person put their hands on his stomach. According to the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, his wife had to stop him from breaking the guy's arm, which would've put him in a bad spot. 

"Even defending myself, I'm wrong," Henry explained. "They got to do something where that don't happen."