Bruce Prichard Says There Was Talk Of Bringing New Jack To WWE For John Cena Storyline

During his second reign as WWE United States Champion, John Cena had a best-of-five series against Booker T, with the fifth and final encounter taking place at No Mercy 2004, where Cena bested the former WCW star to win the series and retain his gold. However, Cena would drop the title the following week to a debuting Carlito, leading to a controversial storyline between the two rising blue-chippers. As part of the angle, Cena would be stabbed in the kidney by Carlito's bodyguard, Jesús, while at a Boston nightclub, causing him to be written off WWE programming for a month. It was later revealed that the "worked injury" was done so Cena could take time off to film "The Marine," the WWE Studios film that marked his big screen debut. While Jesús was the man who stabbed Cena, ECW legend New Jack claimed years ago that WWE approached him to come in as Cena's assailant.

On the latest "Something to Wrestle," Bruce Prichard verified that account. "There was definitely talks to New Jack," he confirmed. "I don't think anybody wanted to touch him because of his reputation and unpredictability. But, yes, it may have been during this time that he was actually discussed, but never to the point of, 'Alright, who is gonna go pitch that one to Vince?' The reputation preceded itself." Prichard added that even Paul Heyman — who worked with Jack for years in ECW — was not enthused at the idea of bringing in the controversial wrestler. "Paul was like, 'Ok, you may get your controversy, but it may not be the kind of controversy you really want to have.'"

As for Cena dropping the title to a debuting Carlito, Prichard defended the booking decision, noting that Cena was "starting to get that Teflon coating" and WWE fans were going to embrace him regardless of wins or losses. "This was an opportunity to make a new talent, Carlito, by beating arguably one of the biggest guys in the company."

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