Kevin Sullivan Details What Happened Behind The Scenes Of Hulk Hogan' WCW Heel Turn

July 7 of this year marked the 27th anniversary of Hulk Hogan turning his back on his Hulkamaniacs and revealing himself as the mystery third man joining Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to form the New World Order. According to former WCW head booker Kevin Sullivan on "Tuesdays With The Taskmaster," even up until the night of the show, Hogan had people in his ear, hoping that he'd change his mind. Sullivan ended up hiding Hogan in the one place he knew he could keep an eye on him.


"The night he turned heel, he stayed at my house because I lived a mile from the Ocean Center," Sullivan explained. "His agent came. I had a three-bedroom house at the time on the beach, and I wouldn't let the agent have a room. I gave Hulk a room. We didn't leave until the first match was in the ring. I was afraid someone was gonna change his mind," he added, "and I've heard a lot of things — it might've been Sting, it might've been [Viscera] — I didn't have a second choice, it had to be Hulk because of Nash and Hall and who was more New York than Hulk?" 

According to Sullivan, Sting was too WCW to ever be believable as a turncoat and Viscera, known as Mabel at the time, wouldn't have fit in with Hall and Nash. 


The NWO angle is arguably WCW's most famous storyline, first for its shocking beginning, and then for the way that the unwieldy faction became too big to handle. According to NWO founding member Kevin Nash, the group was never used in the way he'd hoped. Nash had initially hoped that once the NWO established their dominance, they would legitimately take over "WCW Nitro" turning it into "NWO Nitro."