WWE SmackDown Results 7/21: Roman Reigns-Jey Uso Rules Of Engagement & More

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Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Jey Uso set their Rules of Engagement for WWE SummerSlam
  • U.S. Championship Invitational: Sheamus vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight

The winner of tonight's four-way will go on to face Santos Escobar to determine the new number one contender for Austin Theory's United States Championship.

Meanwhile, it has also been confirmed that Asuka will defend her WWE Women's Championship against Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair in a triple threat at SummerSlam on August 5.

Sheamus vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight

This week's show kicks off with a recap of the recent Bloodline drama.

We send it to the ring for the second 4-way U.S. Title invitational bout. NXT stars Wes Lee and Dragon Lee are watching from the front row since SmackDown is emanating from Orlando. Theory is also watching from commentary.

U.S. Championship Invitational: Sheamus vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight

Knight cuts a brief promo on his way to the ring after a big pop. He clears the ring of Sheamus, Rey, and Grimes heading into the first commercial. After the break, Rey and Sheamus hit Grimes and Knight with simultaneous chest beats, respectively. Sheamus and Rey come face to face and initially shake hands before they break down. Sheamus cuts off the 619 attempt with an Irish Curse Backbreaker.

Grimes returns and delivers chest kicks to Rey and Sheamus. Sheamus takes Grimes down with an Irish Curse Backbreaker before tossing Knight out for a moment. Knight tries dragging Sheamus out and then drops him on the apron. Rey throws Knight back in, but Knight knocks Rey off the top rope. Knight grabs Rey as Sheamus hoists Grimes up and they all fall with a tower of doom featuring Grimes slamming Knight's suplex on Rey.

After another break, Grimes and Rey are in the ring. Sheamus flies out onto the field before hitting Knight with a clothesline back inside. Sheamus plants Knight with a White Noise, kick out. Knight counters a Brogue Kick with a slam, but Rey breaks the cover. Knight plants Sheamus again, but Rey still breaks it up. Grimes gets a nearfall on Rey by turning him inside out. Grimes and Rey are up top when Sheamus pulls Grimes off.

Rey hits a double 619 on Sheamus and Grimes. Rey plants on Grimes for a cover, but Theory pulls Rey out and shoves him into the steps. Escobar runs down and takes Theory out into the crowd. Knight drops an elbow on Grimes but then gets hit with a Brogue Kick. Grimes hits Cave In on Sheamus. Rey takes down Grimes to secure the three.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Charlotte Flair vs. IYO SKY

The Cavinder Twins are in attendance tonight. Tony D'Angelo and Stacks are also backstage. Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, and Tiffany Stratton are shown in the crowd.

Theory finds Adam Pearce backstage and wants to face Escobar one-on-one tonight.

We see a recap of Cody's "Raw" segment that ended with Brock Lesnar attacking.

Charlotte Flair vs. IYO SKY

Bayley joins commentary. Flair and Sky lock up, Sky gets backed to the corner. Charlotte does a handstand and then brushes her shoulder. Charlotte runs Iyo down with a shoulderblock before they show off their acrobatics. Charlotte gets kicked out of the corner and Iyo throws punches. Flair comes back with a crossbody off the top. Sky dropkicks Flair off the top rope, but Flair kicks out.

Iyo is dumped outside and the booted off the apron. Bayley yells at Charlotte, allowing Iyo to dodge and then hit a takedown. After the break, Flair drags Iyo back inside where Iyo hits double knees in the corner. They trade blows in the center before Iyo dropkicks Flair's knee. Chops are traded again. Flair hits a fallaway slam and then kips up. Charlotte knocks Iyo down with a clothesline, nearfall. 

Charlotte and Iyo go up top when Bayley leaves commentary. Iyo plants Flair with a powerbomb, nearfall. A Shotzi vignette airs in the middle of the bout and Bayley runs to the back. Iyo goes for the moonsault, but Flair rolls away. Flair's own moonsault gets booted. Sky plants Flair face-first into a crossface. Iyo rolls Flair back, then Flair rolls Iyo. Flair counters the missile dropkick into a Boston crab. Iyo flips Flair over, kickout and dropkick. Flair catches Iyo with a spear, nearfall again. 

Flair hits a German, kickout. Both women are at a stand still. Iyo takes Flair up top and flips her over, they trade nearfalls. Flair hits Natural Selection for the three.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Asuka immediately attacks Flair after and traps Flair in the arm bar. Asuka stands tall with her title.

Austin Theory vs. Santos Escobar

Dominik Mysterio is interviewed by Kayla Braxton following his North American title win. Butch walks up and wants a title shot. Shawn Michaels walks up and makes it official.

Bayley pulls Iyo into the locker room and shows how Shotzi stabbed a photo of Bayley with scissors onto her luggage. Bayley and Iyo leave in a hurry.

Austin Theory vs. Santos Escobar

They start fast, countering each other until Escobar connects with a dropkick. Theory finds his footing and hits a DDT, cover. Theory takes Escobar to the corner, but Escobar reverses it with 10 punches. Escobar goes to launch out, but Theory moves and calls for a time out going into commercial.

After the break, Escobar kicks Theory off the apron. Escobar dives out, sending Theory onto the announce desk. Back inside, Escobar continues taking Theory down with offense. Escobar lands a crossbody off the top, nearfall. Theory turns things around initially as they both go up top, but Escobar hits Theory with a hurricanrana and then hits running knees in the other corner. Escobar lands Phantom Driver for the win.

Winner: Santos Escobar

Escobar will face Mysterio in a contender's match next week.

Bobby Lashley is backstage as Hayes and Williams walk up to chat.

NXT North American Title: Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Butch

It's announced that Elton Prince separated his shoulder last week and could be out for months.

NXT North American Title: Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Butch

Dominik takes it to Butch out of the gate and then applies a headlock. Butch grounds Dom and works the fingers before stomping on the left arm. Butch pulls the arm again, prompting Dom to put his feet on the bottom rope. Rhea hands Dom a chain while the ref isn't looking. Rhea distracts the ref, but Holland grabs the chain. Butch throws Dom up and over for a nearfall.

After the break, Dom applies a headlock while Elton Prince is wheeled down in a wheel chair to watch Holland. Butch kicks Dom to break free before Dom pulls him into the ropes. Dom goes for 619 but gets dropped with a suplex, nearfall. Ridge chases Pretty Deadly out of the arena. Ripley strikes Butch's leg on the apron, allowing Dom to score the cover.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio (c)

Dom and Rhea celebrate in the ring before leaving. 

Next week, Karl Anderson faces Karrion Kross.

Rules of Engagement with Jey Uso & Roman Reigns

Jey Uso is out first. Reigns, Heyman, and Sikoa enter together.

Reigns tells Orlando to acknowledge him. Roman asks Jey if he still wants to do this. Jey says yes and reminds him Jimmy is still in the hospital. Roman says I guess we have to do this. Jey labels it tribal combat now. Roman asks if the elders know about this. Jey says it was their idea. Jey says tribal combat means anything goes. Use a stick, chairs, tables, he can do it all. 

Roman takes his necklace off. He drapes it on the gold title. Roman goes to leave and Sikoa flips the table over. Roman stops the spike, but Jey superkicks Solo. Roman is shook. Reigns slowly leaves the ring as Solo follows suit.

It appears Roman will defend both the Universal title and his Tribal Chief title at SummerSlam.

Next week: Mysterio vs. Escobar, Anderson vs. Kross confirmed.