Mickie James & Tommy Dreamer Discuss Origins, Creative Behind Last Rodeo In Impact

When Ric Flair was approaching the end of his career in WWE, a stipulation was added to his matches where if he lost, then he would have to retire. It culminated in an epic confrontation at Wrestlemania against Shawn Michaels that resulted in a heart-wrenching sendoff for "The Nature Boy."


Mickie James recently followed suit in Impact Wrestling by putting her career on the line as well. And though she managed to beat all comers and even captured the Knockouts World Championship, it was an injury that ultimately put a temporary stop to her story. During this pause, the legend looked back on the storyline with Tommy Dreamer.

When "The Innovator of Violence" appeared on "GAW TV," he and James revisited the acclaimed Impact run that was unexpectedly cut short. Not only did Dreamer recount how the story initially came about, but he also reminded everyone that it could potentially continue.

"[The Last Rodeo] was a conversation that me and Mickie had," Dreamer said. "I wanted to do this because I know how Mickie feels personally about herself and her career ... That was how the whole thing started and it got stretched out. It worked too. When she got hurt, I know she felt down about it. [But I reminded her that] it makes you stronger when you do come back because you have a guaranteed title shot [and] you have a guaranteed storyline since you never lost that title."


What's Old Is New Again

After Dreamer discussed the origins of The Last Rodeo, James talked about the process that brought the storyline to life.  And not only was it a play on Flair's WWE sendoff, but she shared that, behind the scenes, it was very reminiscent of the process early in her career when she worked with Trish Stratus in WWE.


"I was really excited and loving The Last Rodeo," James said. "It was so beautiful and perfectly done. I think because we all could creatively get together, and that was the same success with my original storyline with Trish, is because we were all able to create together ... Everybody's input is what made it special."

Following her rib injury back in February that caused her to relinquish her title, James was recently cleared to return to the ring. However, due to the fact that she was a free agent working without a contract during her most recent run with Impact, both sides likely have some logistics to work out before she shows up in the Impact Zone again.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "GAW TV" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.