Cody Rhodes Shares Thoughts On Fans Who Don't Like Him Wearing A Suit In AEW & WWE

Cody Rhodes' "American Nightmare" documentary launches on Peacock soon and the 2023 Royal Rumble winner has been discussing his career at length with media as of late. In one such interview with Jimmy Traina of "Sports Illustrated", Rhodes dove into his admiration for a good suit, laughing while he admitted flip flops and a t-shirt to be a rare option. 


"Sitting here now I feel like a suit, a tie, good shoes, all the fashion elements are very much something I enjoy," Rhodes explained. "I like coming to work, and WWE, you see a lot of people show up in the coolest outfits it's almost like a fashion show at two o'clock, at call time, people are just excited to be going to work, and they dress for work." 

According to Rhodes, he also noticed that the stars of New Japan Pro-Wrestling were dressed in "some of the nicest suits," and it seemed to impress fans.

"The American Nightmare" explained that he had intended to subvert the stereotype of a wrestler, going against the grain when compared to the bright colors donned by Hulk Hogan. He wanted to convey that wrestlers could be educated, well-read, and cultured. However, he explained that when he co-founded AEW it further became a case of setting a standard for his employees. Rhodes also noted that he started to make regular media appearances at this time. 


Rhodes shared his thoughts on the negativity aimed towards his suit-donning, which he says manifested during his AEW run. He said that for some reason it just started to make certain groups uncomfortable, but they were all he wanted to wear at the time:

"I feel good, I want to show up here and be the best dressed and present myself in the most classy way I possibly can. How does it affect you? It was real, you know, the kids say it I can't use the term, like the most little penis energy thing I've ever heard, is when people are mad that I wear suits."