WWE's Cody Rhodes On How Fatherhood Has Changed His Life

Cody Rhodes has gone through some of the biggest changes in his life throughout the past decade from both a professional and personal standpoint. From the death of his father Dusty Rhodes, to leaving WWE and eventually creating AEW, Rhodes has had a rollercoaster time, and in between all that has become a father. 

That's a responsibility that truly changes a person, and during a Twitter Q&A, he revealed the impact the birth of his daughter, Liberty, has had on his life.

"Personally it has been the ultimate gift and I adore Brandi & Princess Libby, almost can't describe it," he tweeted. "Professionally when she was born I lost my capacity for bs and games, became a blunt straight shooter ha."

Rhodes' daughter was born during his AEW run, when he was making big decisions for both himself and others in the company due to his Executive Vice President role. "The American Nightmare" began making firmer decisions at that point, one of which ended up being the biggest of his career which was to leave the company he helped build and return to WWE.

He has happily brought up the passion he has for his family in promos since returning to WWE, with his daughter being ringside for his WrestleMania 39 main event against Roman Reigns, whom he gave a cuddle in front of the fans as part of his entrance. The family aspect has been a key part of his overall character, with his desire to "finish the story" coming from his own father, which helps to link everything together.