Konnan Says Thigh Slapping In Pro Wrestling Is 'Like A Virus', Hurts Matches

Wrestlers frequently use the leg slapping technique as a device to try and make their kicks and strikes seem to be even more devastating. While it happens regularly nowadays and fans have come to accept it, that doesn't mean everyone is a fan, with the likes of Booker T having spoken out against it. That is an opinion Konnan shares, as he made clear during the latest "K100 w/Konnan & Disco."

"I think it hurts the quality of the product, and it just hurts matches when you see it so many times," he said. "It's something I gotta get rid of in AAA because it's like a f***ing virus because they all got it from the indies."

Whether or not Konnan is able to completely eradicate it from AAA remains to be seen, but other promotions have attempted to. WWE has reportedly fined wrestlers for thigh slapping in the past. However, the problem of leg slapping isn't the only issue that Konnan has with the modern product. He also gave his thoughts on the overall match quality that he sees across the industry while commenting on the general state of the wrestlers who are working in the business right now. 

"You don't see as many good matches as you used to before. There's so many high-quality matches compared to before... But there's a lot of wrestlers that shouldn't be on primetime, and you didn't see that before," he said. "But, there wasn't 15 f***ing hours of wrestling to fill."

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