Aiden English Talks Reuniting With WWE Vaudevillains Partner On Indie Scene

Matthew Rehwoldt — formerly known as Aiden English in WWE — is currently a color commentator for Impact Wrestling. However, the free agent is now set to reunite with his former tag team partner Simon Gotch for a match on the independent scene. Rehwoldt and Gotch, known as the Vaudevillains in WWE, went on to win the "NXT" Tag Team Championship in August 2015. Rehwoldt was asked about his relationship with Gotch while appearing on the "Haus of Wrestling" podcast. 

"We've both talked about this in interviews before," Rehwoldt said. "When we were tagging in WWE, we weren't super tight like some guys, like the FTR boys. Man, they're basically brothers. Me and Seth [Lesser - Simon Gotch], it was like co-workers. Like, [we] got it done, 'See you later,' 'See you next week,' whatever it was. We weren't super tight outside of the ring. So we've kind of just done our [own] things.

"Honestly, nobody had asked [us about reuniting]. We hadn't even done any meet and greets, any signings together until somebody four or five months ago asked, and I was like, 'I'm game if he's game. Let's do one.' So we did. We've done two of those together, and while we were there, we was chatting it up."

Vaudevillains set to reunite next month

Rehwoldt detailed a conversation he had with Gotch about possibly teaming up again in the future. 

"'Man, I don't know. I haven't bumped in so long. I don't know if I'm in the right shape for it and everything like that,'" Rehwoldt said. "He goes like, 'Dude, we don't have to, like, do 20-foot ladder bumps and all this stuff. We can go out there one match at a time. You can have some fun. You don't have to take any stupid bumps, I'll take the bumps.' 

After that interaction, Rehwoldt told Gotch that he would be up for putting their tag team back together and would contact him once he felt it was the right time to make that next step. On July 21, Rehwoldt posted on social media that he was taking wrestling bookings again after stepping away from in-ring action in May 2022. 

Rehwoldt and Gotch are set to reunite in the ring at Destiny Wrestling's Haywire event in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, on September 30.