WWE Star Gunther On Being Compared To Randy Orton, Praises Sami Zayn

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther defends his 400+ day reign this weekend against Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam. Regardless of whether or not it does come to an end this weekend, "Der Ring General" has enjoyed quite the run as champion

His run has clearly connected with many, exemplified during his recent appearance on the "Busted Open" podcast when he was compared with Randy Orton. Host Dave LaGreca explained he made the comparison because of the sense of importance in everything Orton and Gunther do in the ring. Either way, it brought the Austrian some joy. 

"Thank you for that comparison. I think Randy's one of the best ever, so it's very charming," Gunther started. He continued to explain the importance he places on making everything feel deliberate, particularly with his mode of offense. He said that he feels a lot of wrestlers enter with the mentality of using "spectacular" and "crazy" moves to impress the fans. However, he thinks it's about the approach you take to the moves, even if they are basic in their nature. He pointed to the likes of Sami Zayn and Santino Marella, lauding the pair for their work in making unorthodox things appear important.

"If you think back like Santino Marella got a hand in his sock over. It was a deadly weapon back then," Gunther said before continuing, "If you look at Sami Zayn's match with the 'Jackass' crew, he just used whatever the 'Jackass' crew had to offer. He just treated it as like, 'Okay, that's their offense.'"