Ricochet Says He Wants A Win Over This Former WWE Champion

Ricochet is impressed by the quality of WWE's roster, but some performers stand out above the rest. In a recent interview with "Stay Busy with Armon Sadler," the high-flyer sang the praises of former WWE Champion AJ Styles, while also revealing that he wants to defeat him in the middle of the squared circle.

"For me, there's nobody better than AJ Styles and I'm still yet to get that definitive win over AJ Styles. So until I can get that definitive win, I can barely even say that, but like it doesn't get any better than AJ Styles."

Styles and Ricochet have faced off in the past, but the latter hasn't enjoyed much luck against "The Phenomenal One." At WWE Extreme Rules 2019, Styles beat Ricochet for the United States Championship and ensured that the high-flyer's reign was short.

Despite always eating pins to Styles, though, Ricochet is evidently a fan of his work. That said, it remains to be seen if he'll get a win over him at a later date. Furthermore, both Superstars are currently on different WWE brands, so Ricochet will have to be patient.

Of course, Ricochet is an admirer of other performers as well. During the interview, he also praised the diversity of WWE's talent pool and highlighted some up-and-coming stars. He cited "NXT" stars Chase U and Judgement Day's Dominik Mysterio as some of the most entertaining characters in the company at the moment. However, he's also a fan of some of the veterans, including the multi-time World Champion Randy Orton.

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