Shawn Michaels Recalls Working With Vince And Shane McMahon At WWE SummerSlam 2006

WWE legend Shawn Michaels has done something that millions of people around the world dream about every day: give their boss a beatdown. In fact, the "Heartbreak Kid" did it on a few occasions in his legendary career, when he faced his boss Vince McMahon.

One of those instances was at SummerSlam 2006, where he and Triple H (D-Generation X) teamed up to face McMahon and his son, Shane McMahon. Michaels recalled that match during his recent interview with "Sports Illustrated," and had nothing but praise for the father-son duo.

"Talk about two guys that are unbelievably giving and open to darn-near anything under the sun," Michaels said about Vince and Shane McMahon. "They were hustlers who just worked so hard, there wasn't anything they wouldn't do."

Michaels elaborated that it was easy to work with the McMahons, who weren't trained wrestlers like him and Triple H. He also stated that, at that time, he was at a point in his career where it was not awkward to face his boss. 

D-Generation X came out victorious in that match against the odds as the McMahons used every trick in the book to cheat their way to a win. Even before the match began, the Hall of Fame duo had to deal with the McMahons' lackeys, the Spirit Squad, and then the likes of The Big Show, Finlay, Mr. Kennedy, and William Regal. During the match, Umaga interfered but Kane came to the aid of D-Generation X, who then pinned Vince McMahon for the win. 

Earlier that year, Michaels faced Vince twice in singles matches, first on "WWE Raw" and later at WrestleMania 22, emerging victorious at "The Show of Shows" but losing the first match on "Raw" after being beatdown by Shane. "The Showstopper" went on to face the former WWE CEO at Backlash [in a handicap match against Vince and Shane McMahon], and later that year at Unforgiven once again.