Konnan Compares El Hijo Del Vikingo To WWE Legend

At just 26 years of age, El Hijo Del Vikingo has already cemented himself as a genuine superstar in Mexico — and his growing status among the U.S. audience could set him up for a legendary career. The current AAA Mega Champion has become a regularly featured act on AEW and ROH programming while also continuing his ascent in his home promotion. One man who is in Vikingo's corner is Konnan, who likened the current AAA titleholder to one of the greatest masked wrestlers in history during an interview with "Under The Ring".

"The same thing that made guys like Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, who I had the privilege of working with and bringing to AAA -– these guys are guys that are very creative," he said.

"Today it almost seems like it's copy-paste... invariably, a lot of matches look the same. What sets Vikingo apart is he invents stuff, he creates stuff like Rey Mysterio did and Psicosis did, that nobody else is doing and nobody else has thought of. You don't see anybody else doing it but him, and that really sets him apart from everybody else. There's always one or two or three guys that are a cut above the rest, and as far as creativity and excitement and just being different, Vikingo checks off all those boxes."

Konnan also credited both Will Ospreay and Ricochet as being two of the great modern-day innovators inside the ropes. That being said, he believes Vikingo is a cut above the rest in today's pro wrestling landscape. 

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