Bryan Danielson Recalls John Cena Motto That Perfectly Fits BCC

WWE star John Cena always seems to have the time and patience to impart words of wisdom to the younger generation and one Bryan Danielson was paying close attention.

In a recent interview with "Sports Illustrated," Danielson recalled a conversation with Cena where the latter suggested that people inculcate the habits of those they spend a lot of time with. Cena stated that a wrestler must be wary of the relationships they forge on the road, seeing as those friendships could leave a lasting impact on their personal lives and day-to-day tendencies.


"It was actually John Cena who I first heard say this–you become the five people you spend the most time around," Danielson said while dwelling on the origins of his Blackpool Combat Club faction in AEW. "So who do you want to become? The guys taking everything lightly? Or the guys, from a storyline perspective, taking this seriously and working to become the best?"

Danielson's "guys taking everything lightly" line was a reference to Wheeler Yuta's change in demeanor after the latter left the happy-go-lucky and jovial Best Friends faction for Blackpool Combat Club, thereby changing the course of his career.

The members of BCC have repeatedly stressed that their intention is to bring back an element of seriousness to pro wrestling, with the likes of Danielson and Jon Moxley openly calling out AEW's young roster for lacking toughness and mental fortitude. As such, the concept behind the BCC was to remind the wrestling world of the bygone era.