Bruce Prichard Praises WWE's Sean X-Pac Waltman For Jerry Jarrett Briefcase Prank

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Sean "X-Pac" Waltman once helped play a prank on the late Jerry Jarrett. Current WWE executive Bruce Prichard detailed the mischievous act while speaking on the "Something to Wrestle" podcast. 

"So we ran high schools for TVs [TV tapings] and things of that nature for a long time," Prichard said. "Jerry Jarrett was one day traveling with me, Vince [McMahon], and Pat [Patterson], and [he] made the definitive statement, 'Well, I have never been ribbed.' Pat and I looked at each other like, 'Really? Never?' 'Never. No one's ever ribbed me.' 'Well, that's amazing.'

"Somehow, that quote got out. I mean, I might have mentioned it to somebody. Pat and I might have talked about it. 

"And we were in a high school, so you're using the gym and everything, and there was a coach's office that was Vince's office, and in it was a desk that was bolted to the floor. So this desk, you could not budge it. It's bolted to the floor. Couldn't move. We all left our stuff in there, and I'll be damned if somehow Jerry Jarrett's briefcase, somehow, someway — and I, on my children's head, I did not do it — but somehow his stuff got handcuffed, padlocked, and chained to this desk."

'We're gonna f**k them up'

Jarrett questioned why anybody would do such a thing to him after seeing his briefcase attached to the desk. Prichard told Jarrett that it was "amazing" because he had never been ribbed before. Jarrett ultimately called law enforcement about the incident. According to Prichard, the chain that was used to attach the legendary wrestling promoter's briefcase to the desk was too thick for a bolt cutter to break. Jarrett also claimed that it was illegal for anyone other than a police officer to carry handcuffs. 

"So Sean Waltman walks in, and he's like, 'Oh my god, Jerry. That's f****d up. Whoever the f**k ribbed you, man, we're gonna find them. We're gonna f**k them up,'" Prichard said. "Luna Vachon comes in. And Luna looks and goes, 'Those are my f*****g handcuffs. Somebody had to go into my bag and get those f*****g handcuffs. Those are my handcuffs. I'm gonna call the cops to come and do an investigation about people stealing my s**t in my bag.'  

"And, finally, the cops were watching this s**t, and, I mean, they see right through it. They're like, 'Okay.' And maybe Pat and I, maybe a kid, maybe Luna, kind of got off to the side and said, 'Alright. Bolt cutters aren't working.' The padlock had some kind of gimmick in it, so even if you were to cut them, they still had this f*****g uncuttable wire. It was a great job, man, let me tell you."

'Waltman was f*****g priceless'

"The only way that really could have released everything [was] the handcuffs," Prichard continued. "Handcuffs are a universal key, right? But these handcuffs were special handcuffs, I guess. So Luna was able to go and find the handcuff key, and we had to let it go. The cops were like, 'Come on, guys. Just unlock the s**t and let it go.' 

"So we finally unlocked the s**t and let it go, but Waltman was f*****g priceless. Absolutely priceless. And so innocent, like, 'God damn. The b*****ds that did this, we're gonna get them.' Yeah."

Jarrett, who died earlier this year, was a promoter for the Continental Wrestling Association and the United States Wrestling Association. The NWA Hall of Famer also co-founded Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (now Impact Wrestling) with his son, Jeff Jarrett. 

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