Kevin Sullivan Details Booking Regret And WCW Trilogy That Could Have Been

It's understandable that Kevin Sullivan would have some wrestling regrets; he was part of a storyline involving The Dungeon of Doom trying to end Hulkamania, after all. But when it comes to his biggest regret in pro wrestling, as he revealed on the latest "Tuesday With The Taskmaster" episode, Sullivan said it has nothing to do with water that was not hot.

"I didn't mention this before, but trilogies in boxing always seem to draw, whether it Ali-Fraizer...any type of great, exciting fight draws. We should've had matches, Nash and Goldberg. They set the world on fire. They changed the whole world. They got people that were no fan of wrestling [to] become [a] fan of wrestling. I think that was our biggest mistake. We were looked down upon by the Brad Siegel's of the world.

"We did a magnificent job, Eric [Bischoff] did a magnificent job, the wrestlers themselves did a magnificent job. And my belief is that they could've know what I said about the straight finish the first time? The second time, you could do one too, and the third time, you could've had a controversial finish, kept it in the bank, and came back one more time for a fourth one."

As Sullivan may be shocked to learn, WCW would actually book Nash and Goldberg to wrestle five times in singles matches, including one only months after Nash defeated Goldberg at Starrcade 1998. All told Goldberg would go on to win three of the five matches he had with Nash, with one of the matches ending in a no-contest.

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