DDP Details Previous Encounters With WWE Star Logan Paul

Diamond Dallas Page and Logan Paul have met only twice, and eerily enough, both encounters happened in an elevator — at back-to-back WWE WrestleMania weekends. First, when DDP ran into Paul at last year's show in Dallas, Texas, the WWE Hall of Famer asked the YouTuber-turned-wrestler to pose with him for a photo, with a Diamond Cutter hand gesture. Strangely enough, Paul refused to put up the "Bang" fearing backlash for voluntarily displaying a gang sign. As a result, the two men took a regular picture, a story previously narrated by DDP himself.  

Exactly a year later, DDP and Paul once again crossed paths in an elevator, this time in Inglewood, California — the venue of WrestleMania 39. In a recent interview with "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," DDP detailed his second encounter with Paul.

"So now it's Mania in L.A., and I'm on the elevator and who walks in? [laughs] Logan Paul walks in," DDP revealed. "I go, 'Hey bro, we gotta stop meeting like this.' And he goes, 'Oh my God. Oh my God, dude, I'm so sorry. I know you are a legend.' He was so apologetic. I said, 'Can we take a picture now?' He goes, 'Absolutely!'"

While DDP didn't specify if Paul threw up the "Bang" hand gesture for the second photo, he heaped praise on Paul for being "the nicest guy" and a quick learner of the craft of pro-wrestling. "As Triple H has previously said, he has no business being that good. But he is such an amazing athlete, entertainer, and, like, daredevil," DDP said of Paul.