DDP Reveals Why Logan Paul Would Not Do 'Diamond Cutter' Hand Sign With Him

The first D in DDP stands for Diamond, which is fitting considering the Hall of Famer's finisher is known as the Diamond Cutter. Prior to hitting the move, Diamond Dallas Page would hold up his hands in a diamond-like gesture signaling that he was looking to end the match with his signature move. DDP revealed why WWE star Logan Paul refused to throw up the Diamond Cutter sign when taking a photo with him.

"We were in the elevator and I could tell he wasn't a fan from being a kid," DDP said while on "DDP Snake Pit." "He shook my hand and I go, 'Let's do a picture,' and I go, 'Let's do a Diamond Cutter,' and he goes, 'Oh, no, I can't do that.' ... He goes, 'No, that's a gang sign, I got sued over it,' and I understand. I understood it because a guy like him is in such a position."

Paul is a social media influencer who has a massive following across different platforms, with WWE being only one of his many platforms. Paul has wrestled two matches for WWE, debuting at WrestleMania 38 when he teamed with The Miz to take on and defeat The Mysterios, and at SummerSlam 2022 when he defeated Miz.

DDP went on to praise Paul and his SummerSlam match against The Miz.

"Very shape dude being pulled in a million different ways. I saw what he did in the ring, you know, Miz really made him look great ... He's good looking, he's a great athlete, obviously he can talk his ass off and he puts asses in the seats."

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