Kofi Kingston Praises Alpha Academy, Says Otis Reminds Him Of Fellow WWE Star

Following the success of the first-ever Viking Rules match in August 2022, the stipulation was brought back last month when The Viking Raiders took on Alpha Academy during an episode of "WWE Raw." In analyzing the match, New Day member Kofi Kingston, who competed in the inaugural contest, issued praise to the latter team, whom he believes have demonstrated immense growth in recent times.


"I think that we in the locker room have all known how incredible [Chad] Gable is, and Otis too. I think in the past two years ... or so, Otis has really shown a lot of range, character-wise, [and] personality-wise," Kingston told WWE's "The Bump." "He's the kind of guy who can make you — he kind of reminds me of Big E a little bit, in the sense that he can make you be very afraid of him, he can show off his grueling strength, but he can also make you laugh. He really has a lot of range." Overall, Kingston is happy to see Otis and Gable finally receiving a proper spotlight to showcase their dynamic wrestling and character skills. In relation to Alpha Academy's newest recruit, Maxxine Dupri, Kingston commends her for embracing a new role amidst her departure from Maximum Male Models.


"[Maxinne's] career, even thus far, it's kind of been all over the place, but she's always able to kind of roll with the punches and make the best out of whatever she's given," Kingston said. "That's really the key to being able to survive and thrive as a WWE Superstar. So, I think that they really have a good thing going with the Alpha Academy, a great dynamic and great chemistry. So I'm excited to see what they can do. I'm excited to hopefully mix it up with them down the line. We'll see what happens, but really happy for them, for sure."

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