Carmella On Whether She Wants To Return To The WWE Post Pregnancy

Carmella announced her pregnancy earlier this year and she's been absent from WWE programming since then. However, does she want to return to the world of sports entertainment after she's given birth?

While speaking to Distractify, Carmella revealed that she wants to continue pursuing her career in the squared circle. At the same time, she doesn't plan on returning to WWE until the time is right for her and the child.

"I definitely want to go back. [...] I'm someone who likes to be, you know, active and keep busy. So it's definitely hard, I think, to go from working so much all the time and being on the road all the time to the exact opposite. I definitely want to go back; I think it's important to show that you can be a mom and still have a career and especially a very physical one. That being said, I definitely want to take my time going back, I don't want to rush. Having a baby and delivering a baby in and of itself is such a huge physical toll on the body. So I want to make sure I feel great both physically and mentally before I go back."

Carmella was also asked if she and her husband, Corey Graves, will bring their first child on the road with them, but she's torn over that thought for the time being. According to Carmella, traveling might be difficult for the newborn, but she also doesn't know how she'll respond to being away from the child for too long.

The good news, though, is that Carmella's mom will be around to help out with the baby when she and Graves have their WWE duties. However, she also stated that they'll make decisions on what to do regarding travel when the time comes.