Eric Bischoff Slams AEW All In Decision Making

All Elite Wrestling's All In at Wembley Stadium event takes place on August 27. Former WCW executive Eric Bischoff has weighed in with his thoughts on reigning AEW World Champion MJF and Adam Cole challenging Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) for the ROH World Tag Team Championship on the All In pre-show

"If I was sitting at a table and somebody said, 'Hey, I've got an idea, let's put, arguably, two of the biggest names on our roster, and you're taking your positions because I haven't been following it, maybe one of the best storylines going, and let's have it on the pre-game show because it's Ring of Honor?' First of all, nobody f*****g cares about Ring of Honor," Bischoff said on the "Strictly Business" podcast. 

"Why would you dilute your event and two of your, at least from my perspective, valuable pieces of talent, and in your perspective, one of your best storylines, on the pre-game show?"

'That's the silliest damn thing I've ever heard'

"If you haven't advanced your story by now, muckerfothers, you're dead in the water," Bischoff continued. "But you have advanced it. I saw the clips, MJF's promo. 

"I think the world of MJF. I think he's probably the most important talent on that show, and I think he's the most important part of the future of AEW ... He is, without question, the most entertaining character on that show ... Listen, MJF is the most valuable man on that roster. And to put him on the pre-game show? ... Who cares [he's in the main event]? He's in the pre-game show. That's the silliest damn thing I've ever heard. Whoever came up with that idea should be beat."

In addition to challenging for ROH World Tag Team Championship, MJF and Cole will also be battling each other for the AEW World Championship on the main All In card. The AEW Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament winners have struck up an unlikely on-screen friendship recently, with MJF granting Cole a world title opportunity on the August 2 episode of "AEW Dynamite."

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