Booker T Refutes Mark Henry's Take On Idea Of WWE Vs. AEW 'War'

During the latest episode of his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T reflected on recent comments that Mark Henry made about WWE and AEW not being at war with each other. In Booker T's eyes, there is a war and that is okay.

"Mark Henry said there's no WWE-AEW war. I don't know what this dude was smoking," Booker T said. "Okay, it's a war. We went to war every time a big number would go down, and they would be comparing it to WWE. And I get 80,000-plus is a lot, man. That's a big show. That's great for AEW. It really is. It's really great. And how long have they been promoting this thing? They've had time to sell 80,000 as well, so it's great for them."

He continued, "The thing is, there is somewhat of a war because being touchy about being called 'secondary' just last week... There's nothing wrong with it being a war. One thing that Mark Henry said, 'It's not a war, the fans are winning.' In a war, yeah, the fans do win. Because guys gotta go out there and run fast. You gotta run fast. You can't run at the normal pace that you had been running when you were just on the track practicing. When you're in competition, you gotta pick up speed. That's what everybody's doing. So for me, being in a war is not a bad thing."

Henry recently shared his sentiment that the wrestling business is stronger than ever, even outside WWE and AEW. Meanwhile, Triple H referred to AEW as a "secondary" promotion during Cody Rhodes' documentary. That led to Tony Khan claiming AEW is the number one company in the U.K. heading into All In.

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