Kurt Angle Says WWE Hall Of Famer Was The 'Least Liked Guy In The Locker Room'

Over the years, there have been plenty of stories about backstage ribs getting out of hand and people being deemed bullies. John Bradshaw Layfield is regarded as one of those bullies, and he's arguably the most notorious of the bunch. Many wrestlers have shared stories about his backstage antics over the years, and Kurt Angle admitted that JBL would rib everybody, both as a work and a shoot.


"He was probably the least-liked guy in the locker room," he said on "The Kurt Angle Show." "He ribbed so many people and he kind of did it in a bully kind of way."

Angle admitted that JBL acted like a bully at times, and that's something that many others have pushed over the years. Whether it was punching the Blue Meanie in the face to bust him open or his involvement in many of the wrestler's court incidents, JBL's reputation ended up preceding him.

"He wasn't really that mean," Angle said. "A lot of the guys were a little afraid of him and some of them were just pissed off at him. But I would say Bradshaw was the best heel in the business as a work, and as a shoot. By the way, I love Bradshaw."


JBL spent his singles career working as a heel, taking his hard-hitting approach to gain a lot of heat over the years, which is something that proved to be beneficial to him. However, he might have made some enemies in the business with his behind-the-scenes antics.

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