Nick Patrick Talks Working With WCW Star Who Taught Eric Bischoff's Son Karate

Former WCW referee Nick Patrick has worked with many wrestling legends. However, one wrestler that Patrick believes doesn't get enough credit for his skill is martial artist Ernest "The Cat" Miller.

"I enjoyed working with The Cat way back in the day," Patrick said on a recent "Monday Mailbag" episode. "He just had so much charisma and such a great personality, and such athleticism too...To have the athleticism to do [his kicks] and not kick somebody's head out into the third freakin' row. That's incredible!"


According to Patrick, he didn't follow martial arts and was unaware of Miller's credentials. That being said, they were explained to him when Miller joined the company in the late-'90s after training Bischoff's son in martial arts.

"He's just a super nice guy. Eric [Bischoff] liked him. He trained Eric's son," Patrick said. "It wasn't like Eric brought in some guy and gave him a spot because he trained Eric's son. Ernest earned his spot and was good at what he did."

The Bischoff family have been avid martial arts enthusiasts, with Eric even donning a black gi and showing off some of his skills during bouts in WCW, WWE, and TNA. Miller was best known as the commissioner of WCW during his tenure and also for his habit of calling the WCW fans "rednecks." Miller went to WWE after WCW closed but his time there was short-lived as Miller says the timing wasn't right for him in WWE. Miller recently returned to wrestling on an episode of Impact Wrestling, advising Impact Authority Figure Santino Marella on how best to handle a dispute.