Lacey Evans' Social Media Activity Indicates She Has Departed WWE

Lacey Evans' time with WWE has seemingly come to an end. On Tuesday, the United States Marine Corps veteran, now using her real name, Macey Estrella, on social media, began posting indications leading fans to believe her contract was ending soon. Evans even responded to a fan on Twitter thanking her for her work and time with the company.


Both her Twitter and Instagram bios now read "FKA [Formerly Known As] WWE Superstar Lacey Evans." On Instagram, Evans was even more explicit, writing "When the clock strikes 12, you will address me as Macey Estrella from here on out." In the accompanying picture, she was wearing a jacket emblazoned with the Lacey Evans name, which she said was "up for grabs."

Evans, who came up through "WWE NXT" but never won a championship, returned to WWE programming following the birth of her second daughter in 2022, dropping her "Sassy Southern Belle" gimmick and talking about her real-life struggles growing up and the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. Evans has also faced criticism following multiple gimmick changes and heel/babyface turns, publicly feuding on social media with WWE Legend Sgt. Slaughter and his daughter, and most notably, seemingly downplaying the effects of depression. She had not been seen on WWE programming since losing to Charlotte Flair on "WWE SmackDown" back in June.