AEW's Toni Storm Talks About Wrestling Her Outcasts Stablemate's Mother

Saraya and Toni Storm might be stablemates in The Outcasts for the time being, but at All In, they'll find themselves as opponents. But it won't be the first time that Storm has wrestled opposite a member of the Knight family, previously competing in the past against Saraya's mother. Speaking to the Daily Star, Storm admitted that Sweet Saraya was like a mother to her during her time in the U.K.


"When I was in England I would wrestle her mother — who is just the most violent person that I've ever been in the ring with," Storm said. "She had a heck of an influence on me; I've been influenced by that family quite a bit actually."

As a group consisting of women not originally in AEW, The Outcasts — which also feature Ruby Soho — has terrorized the division since its formation, making their presence felt with green spray paint everywhere. The stable's assembly also led to a run with the AEW Women's World Championship by Storm. However, outside of the ring, Storm's connection to Saraya carries a lot more meaning than what fans see between the ropes.

"I just have always been inspired by her, heavily influenced by her. I've watched her, it's crazy to me that we're friends, it's crazy that we're as close as we are because she's just someone that I've adored for so long," Storm said about Saraya. "Now we are a team and I get to work with her all the time and I get to see her all the time and it's wonderful."


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