AEW's Dr. Britt Baker Explains Why She's Stepping Back From Dental Practice

AEW has ramped up its output lately, with "Collision" recently becoming the company's third weekly show and All In seeing the promotion finally do overseas pay-per-views. While that provides more opportunities for the brand to get exposure, it also means that the wrestlers must dedicate more days of the week to the company. AEW is growing, and Britt Baker wants to represent the revolution.

Outside of AEW, Baker is a qualified dental doctor who's used to splitting her duties between wrestling and dentistry. During an interview with the "Jon Chuckery Show" (h/t Fightful), however, she explained that she's put dentistry on the back burner for the time being.

"With the ever-changing and ever-growing schedule with AEW, it was getting really hard to manage because I don't want to be calling off last minute at the dental office all the time if Tony [Tony Khan] needs me for something for a TV taping or to go do media or an event. I hold myself accountable to be available for those types of events because I'm one of the faces of AEW and I want to be available for everything like that. Unfortunately, that means...I don't want to say closing the door, but I'm definitely taking a step back from dentistry."

According to Baker, the staff at her dental office has everything under control and she loves all of them. Furthermore, she still checks in a few times per month and makes sure her patients are doing well, though she's had to stop accepting new ones. The AEW star said that it's been challenging visiting the dental practice due to wrestling fans.

"[It] was getting really tricky to navigate the waters of fans coming into the dental office and not really knowing who is there to be a patient and who is there to get an autograph and picture."