'Shame On Hogan' — Why Madusa-Alundra Blayze Slams One Of Wrestling's Biggest Names

During a recent appearance on "GAW TV," WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, aka Madusa, brought up pro wrestling's lack of a union to help take care of performers.

"So we have [NFL] and football is treated really well," Madusa said. "They have a thing called the Players Association. The Players Association is an amazing, amazing organization which takes care of their players. It's really good, right, like a union. However, even if a player's been in there for three years and they retire, whatever, that person gets a regular paycheck every quarter with 5 or 8 thousand dollars until they're gone."

She continued, "That little bit right there could help with paying bills, medicals, and when I see some of our older wrestlers that are talking about, 'We could have something like this,' and it sure in the hell would keep them out from doing all these signings every weekend... Why don't we have something like that in wrestling?"

Mickie James brought up how Jesse Ventura tried to create a wrestling union, however Madusa reminded everyone who put a stop to that.

"He did, and guess who stopped him? Guess who turned him in? [Hogan]. Yes. Shame on Hogan," Madusa said.

Madusa Wants To See Somebody Big Step Up

James then explained that a student from her recent masterclass recently switched wrestling schools because the trainer thought chain wrestling was boring and wouldn't teach it. James wants to see better regulations regarding who is teaching at wrestling schools and how the veterans are taken care of. To that point, Madusa agreed.

"You're out there doing 20 different jobs, selling yourself, killing yourself, bringing this stuff, and there should be an organization like the Players Association for wrestling," Madusa said. "We have a multi-billion dollar company that is the monopoly of this industry. And since I went on board working with the CAC [Cauliflower Alley Club] — it's a great organization. It helps, it gives back to the people in our community in wrestling. And it's just a small amount. It's just benevolent, etc. I mean, there needs to be more than that. I understand putting people through — people say, 'Well, they got a drug rehab.' Great. A Players Association or a wrestlers association would've been great, and shame on Hogan for doing that."

Madusa added that it will take "key players" from the top to stand up and make something happen. She concluded, "I would love to see somebody stand up with their platform like Dwayne or John Cena that have the ability to do this with their own people."

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