Madusa Weighs In On Whether Cyndi Lauper Belongs In WWE Hall Of Fame

The celebrity wing of WWE's Hall Of Fame is something that often divides fans, with inductees such as Donald Trump and Kid Rock often raising eyebrows. However, there are others who made a major impact and are not inducted, such as Cyndi Lauper, and Madusa believes she deserves the honor.


"She was part of WrestleMania, why wouldn't she be in there," Madusa questioned during an appearance on "GAW TV." However, WWE's Hall Of Fame can often be more complex than the company simply wanting to induct someone, as Madusa rightly highlighted. While it's unknown whether or not the company does want Lauper to be part of the prestigious group, an induction is a two-way decision. "But it could be her call, we don't know what goes on the other side," Madusa pointed out. "It's kind of like Miss Elizabeth, her family will never let her [be inducted]."

Miss Elizabeth isn't the only legendary figure who hasn't been inducted into WWE's Hall Of Fame due to family not agreeing to it, as Owen Hart is another famous example. However, it is unknown whether or not Lauper's absence from the Hall Of Fame is her call or not. The musician played a big role in the original WrestleMania's success, managing Wendi Richter on the night and helping draw in a lot of casual fans, proving the impact she had. Lauper herself recently left the door open for a potential WWE return, proving that her love for the wrestling industry hasn't gone, and a final appearance with a Hall Of Fame induction would certainly be appealing to many fans.


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