Chris Jericho Reflects On AEW Feud With MJF, Says They Tried To License An AC/DC Song

Chris Jericho opened up about his feud with current AEW World Champion MJF, as well as AEW trying to license an AC/DC song.

On a recent episode of "AEW-some pod," inaugural AEW World Champion Jericho reflected on his lengthy rivalry with MJF, which ended with an intense battle at All Out 2021 where Jericho put his career on the line in a submission match. While Jericho did end the rivalry with a victory, there were certain points in the feud where "The Ocho" teased calling time on his career.


"This MJF and Jericho feud was 366 days, it went a year and a day," Jericho reminded listeners. "It was a really cool story because we had Max and I becoming friends and then Max wanting to join the Inner Circle, and then him getting into the Inner Circle when he beat me in a match — and then he basically assembled his own faction." 

As Jericho recounted the sequence of events that led to The Pinnacle vs. The Inner Circle rivalry, he revealed that AEW tried to secure the rights to AC/DC's song "Back in Black," but were forced to settle for AC/DC's "Are you Ready," which he thought "was not as cool" but helped in selling the rivalry between his and MJF's faction.

Reflecting further on the rivalry, Jericho took credit for helping MJF become a star, implying that the AEW World Champion needed the rivalry against him to catapult himself to the status of AEW World Champion.


"The idea [behind the rivalry] was to turn MJF into a bigger star, and now he's the world champion — it worked. He's running the show, so I guess it worked," Jericho concluded.