Video: Sonjay Dutt Goes Off On The Hardys In Backstage Rant At AEW Dynamite

The August 16 edition of "AEW Dynamite" will go down in history as the night Leatherface made his debut. However, while he chased Karen Jarrett with a chainsaw during her husband's "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Death Match against Jeff Hardy, Sonjay Dutt came out of the bout feeling more upset with a group of AEW stars.

Even though Jeff Jarrett won the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Death Match Championship by beating Hardy, Dutt took to AEW's Twitter/X account and went off on Isiah Kassidy, Ethan Page, and The Hardys for attempting to scupper his faction's plans.

"You had the audacity to step foot in Jeff Jarrett's town, Nashville, Tennessee, my adopted hometown of Nashville. You're gonna step foot to us? Well, we wipe the floor with your blood... It's not over Hardys Boys."

Dutt went on to threaten the entire Hardy family, including their wives and children, before directing his threats at Kassidy and Page. Afterward, Jay Lethal got involved and told the Hardys that they now have a fight on their hands.

"The late, great Tina Turner said it best herself, when she said, 'You've got what you wanted now you don't want what you've got.' And Hardy Boys, what you don't want, now what you've got, is a fight with the greatest group in professional wrestling."

Finally, Jarrett stepped in and told the Hardys that they need to find someone who can measure up to Satnam Singh. It seems that the feud is going to continue, and the Hardys and their allies might have to add more numbers to the mix to even the odds.